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Switching careers in Canada

Many Canadian immigrants have had to switch careers for many reasons, whether temporarily or permanently. While some do this by choice, others transition out of necessity. In this post, I share the experiences of three immigrants in their career transitioning journey and the key learnings from these experiences to motivate other immigrants who are currently on this journey. Cheers to growth!

Share your story, change the narrative

There are overly generalised misconceptions about immigrants in Canada. These misconceptions stem from ignorance but they are often the reasons behind the senseless attacks on immigrants in Canada. We need to correct these misconceptions by sharing our individual stories as immigrants to help the world see our individuality despite our shared humanity through our authentic stories. Would you share your story to change the narrative?

The coin does have two sides

This is an absolutely relatable post for immigrants within the first few months. It can sometimes feel like a lonesome journey. If you have a support system, embrace it!


Image by Dewald Van Rensburg from Pixabay

Today my parents told me they were going to the hometown to stay there for two weeks. I immediately got the blues while remembering just how much I miss that place, the house we have, the sea, and the incredible balcony with the view of the mountains looming above the bay. Then I imagined my grandmother who still lives there all alone, but happy and in perfect control of the surroundings. Never does she complain of the old age and the ailments which follow it like a shadow because she is independent, strong, she knows how to work, how to be helpful, and how to be the pillar of the family. This is something I always looked up to and the resilience she and my parents show is something to be cherished and appreciated.

Yes, my hometown breathes the memories and spits them…

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Job search in Canada

Job search in Canada can be arduous especially for new immigrants who are still trying to settle down. In this post I share some of the steps that helped me get my dream job 3 months after landing and also a tip sheet I believe everyone currently job hunting will find helpful.

How to score with credit

Credit, credit history, credit score and credit report are often new realities that immigrants have to deal with in Canada. How can you thrive with your credit as a new immigrant in Canada despite your lack of Canadian credit history? This article can help you avoid making some of the mistakes I made as a new immigrant.

Where should I live in Canada?

Where should I live in Canada? This is a question often asked by prospective immigrants. While this is a personal decision, here are some key questions to ask yourself to help you make a decision.

Double blessings from EE Process

The success story of a reader who wants to remain anonymous. May 29, 2019, IRCC issued ITA to 3,350 candidates in the express entry pool, with the cut-off CRS of 470. When I saw the score, I was shocked because I never expected the score for ITA to be that high and I began to... Continue Reading →

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