“The journey to a better life for an immigrant begins with the desire to move from the seemingly unwanted familiar to the sought-after but unfamiliar reality despite the many uncertainties and learnings that lay along the way. My mission is to help you navigate these uncertainties with the right information, resources and communities – ultimately empowering you to thrive in Canada.”

– Oyin Ajibola

iMuse Podcast

Hosted by Oyin Ajibola, iMuse podcast aims to have inspiring conversations with immigrants and subject matter experts that empowers immigrants with the knowledge to successfully navigate cultural and settlement issues.

Family life, finances, career, business, networking and everything in-between, if it has the potential to impact an immigrant’s life, we muse about it!

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iMuse App

Coming Soon!

The Immigrant Muse mobile app is a community-building app for Canadian immigrants seeking a reliable virtual community of like-minded people to share their experiences, learnings, and ideas as they navigate settlement and integration into the Canadian culture.

Coming soon to your Android and IOS app stores. Click on notify me below to get notified when the app goes live so you can join the Thrive Nation.