“The journey to a better life for an immigrant begins with the desire to move from the seemingly unwanted familiar to the wanted unfamiliar despite the many uncertainties and learnings that lay along the way. It’s an adventure we proudly undertake with faith like a mustard seed, willing to move mountains to achieve the dream!”


Newly landed! The first step to the rest of our lives in a completely new country – Canada – our new home!

For almost two years, we had planned, researched, learned, unlearned, relearned, hoped, re-strategised, almost given up, given it one more shot and finally we got what we most desired at the time – Canadian permanent residency. And here we were, just landed in Toronto, not as visitors but as permanent residents- unbelievable!

The feeling is almost surreal. It felt like we were in dream land, except that this was the reality of a dreamland we’ve had for nearly two years. Our naked joy was simply contagious like the cheerful and welcoming smiles of the people around. However, locked behind our joy was a loud whisper of an unknown future. One thing was certain despite the uncertainty of the future – we will give this chance we’ve been given our best shot, no matter the drain and strain it will take.

We won’t deceive ourselves and believe that all will be rosy or all smiles and cheers. We knew there’ll be tough days or maybe months and years but we also knew that if we gave it our best shot, we will blossom in this green land.

Here, we document our journey to growth in Canada – the good, the bad, and the not-so-ugly, may be you can pick a lesson or two or just share in our laughs, cries and everything in-between.

We also share tips and tricks that can help your thrive in Canada, as well as stories from other immigrants.

Cheers to growth