“The journey to a better life for an immigrant begins with the desire to move from the seemingly unwanted familiar to the sought-after but unfamiliar reality despite the many uncertainties and learnings that lay along the way. My mission is to help you navigate these uncertainties with the right information, resources and communities – ultimately empowering you to thrive in Canada.”

– Oyin Ajibola

Immigrant Muse Magazine

Immigrant Muse Magazine advocates for immigrants and empowers them with the information, insight and inspiration to thrive in Canada. Information in Immigrant Muse are not limited to:

  • Career
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Family life
  • Social life
  • Community involvement


Immigrants often have to survive despite discriminatory policies and practices in the corporate world, public services and other institutions; and because they lack the knowledge and willpower to advocate for themselves, they overlook these practices and policies. Immigrant Muse advocates for immigrants by using the power of the media to investigate issues and request information that would otherwise not be accessible to immigrants. Our mission is to get better outcomes for immigrants by engaging in dialogues with key decision makers at these organizations to effect change for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Academic Institutions

Have reviewed their admission policies to be in-tune with immigration realities in Canada.


Government Policies

Are undergoing reviews based on recommendations from our advocacy mandate.


Corporate organizations

Have stopped disqualifying eligible job applicants based on inability to verify their credentials.

Is there an issue you’ll like us to join our voice to advocate for or against? Contact us at info@immigrantmuse.ca.

iConnect app

The iConnect app is a community-building web app for immigrants that also gives them easy access to relevant settlement services and programs at each stage in their settlement journey. The app officially launches in October 2022 during a hybrid launch event in Saskatoon (in-person). To sponsor this innovation, contact us at iconnect@immigrantmuse.ca.

With iConnect…


  • connect with other like-minded immigrants;
  • access relevant settlement services and programs;
  • build a safe space to share ideas, experiences and information; and
  • feel empowered to achieve their Canadian dream

Service providers

  • connect and engage with current and potential clients;
  • target their updates to specific demographics (location, immigration status, home country) on the app;
  • gain user-generated insights on the settlement needs of immigrants; and
  • reach immigrants who are more likely to benefit from programs and services.

iMuse Podcast

Hosted by Oyin Ajibola, iMuse podcast aims to have inspiring conversations with immigrants and subject matter experts that empowers immigrants with the knowledge to successfully navigate cultural and settlement issues.

Family life, finances, career, business, networking and everything in-between, if it has the potential to impact an immigrant’s life, we muse about it!

Have a subject you want Oyin to discuss on the podcast? Use the hashtag #iMuse on Twitter or send us a line.

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