Immigrant Connect

WHEN: November 10, 2022 at 5:30pm ET
WHERE: Online

This event has been concludced. Thank you to everyone that joined and made it a success!

Immigrant Connect (iConnect) 1.0 will bring stakeholders in the immigration and settlement sector together to learn, share and connect. Our goal is to create an opportunity for conversations on the issues that affect immigrants and immigration in Canada. We hope these conversations will develop a better understanding among stakeholders and move them to commit to making changes to improve the odds of immigrants for a better socioeconomic outcome for Canada.

The event will host several breakout rooms for stakeholders to join, depending on their interests. Whether they are seeking tips and resources to thrive in all areas of life as immigrants, wanting to gain more insights into the unspoken experiences of immigrants, or seeking opportunities to maximize return on investment as an employer of immigrants, there’ll be something for everyone.

At this event, we’ll also officially launch the iConnect web app. This app will connect immigrants to the resources, programs and people they need to thrive at each stage of their settlement and integration journey.

Who should attend?


Immigrants will leave the event clearly
understanding how to find fulfilment in Canada professionally, entrepreneurially, financially, socially, and mentally.

Settlement agencies

Representatives from settlement agencies will be at the event to learn about the unseen realities of immigrants and immigration. This can help better tailor their programs to the needs of immigrants.

Immigration ministries and agencies

Ministry representatives across Canada will be at the event to see some of the shortcomings of the current immigration policy and funding to inform necessary changes.

Immigration consultants and lawyers

They will gain better insight into some of the resources available in the immigration space to better advise their clients and potential immigrants.

Immigrant employers

Employers with immigrant employees will learn how to better support their immigrant employees to get optimum performance levels.

Organizations with products and services for immigrants

They will better understand the pain points and needs of
immigrants to tailor their products and services.

Diversity and inclusion experts

They will learn what it means to be a genuinely inclusive employer from the perspective of an immigrant.

Program Lineup

According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), immigrants contribute to the Canadian economy by “supporting our ageing population…meeting our labour market needs…filling temporary labour needs…sustaining Canada’s education system through international students…and boosting trade”. It is no wonder that the planned number of immigrants keeps increasing. More than ever, it is critical for stakeholders to understand and consider the needs of this growing population and design products, programs and services that meet their needs.

iConnect 1.0 will bring immigration stakeholders together to discuss some of those needs and issues and encourage all stakeholders to pull their weight in ensuring optimal results from immigration. This will impact immigrants’ integration and success in Canada and their socioeconomic contributions.

Our keynote speaker will be delivering an insightful address on STRATEGIES TO REFOCUS ON IMMIGRANT RETENTION.

Enjoy engaging in discussions on various aspects of immigrant life, settlement and retention.

Breakout Rooms

The unspoken challenges of immigrants in:

  • Finding and maintaining a fulfilling career
  • Starting and scaling a business
  • Building a community and support system
  • Maintaining an authentic personal, cultural and family identity.

Reclaim your power and thrive in your:

  • Career
  • Business
  • Social and family life
  • Mental health

Connecting the dots as a stakeholder:

  • Optimizing your return on investment as an employer of immigrants
  • Helping your clients settle in Canada as an immigration consultant
  • Personalizing service for better impact as a settlement consultant
  • Harnessing global talents as a DEI professional
  • Efficient cross-governmental collaboration in immigration