The success story of a reader who wants to remain anonymous.

May 29, 2019, IRCC issued ITA to 3,350 candidates in the express entry pool, with the cut-off CRS of 470. When I saw the score, I was shocked because I never expected the score for ITA to be that high and I began to fear for many who were either not putting their best foot forward or simply stuck at a lower CRS. But alas, I got some inspiration and hope when I heard about this success story.

“I started actively learning about Express Entry last year March from level 0. I figured the scores were not coming down and knew that i had to be proactive. I took classes at Alliance France till July, 2018, then I left for Togo for a personal immersion program for a month. I came home for a while and did another one month immersion in Cotonou, Benin Republic.

In October 2018, I took the exam but the score wasn’t good enough. I continued personal study and registered for TEF preparatory class at a centre in Yaba, Lagos Nigeria.

So it took me about one year to finally get ITA with my profile below but the most exciting thing for me is that asides from getting ITA today, I am now bilingual.”


Principal Applicant
ECA: completed
IELTS: LRSW 9,8,7,7
TEF: LRSW C1, C1, C1, B2
Age: 40
Professional experience: 3yrs+
Level of education: Masters

ECA: completed
IELTS: LRSW 7.5,8,8.5,7.5
Level of education: Masters

CRS: 470
Date of ITA: May 29, 2019

It’s no news that extra effort is required to achieve the Canada dream with the current competition in the pool. However, this success story shows that with extra effort and determination, success can be achieved. Nonetheless, you need to know your game changer in Canada immigration.

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With determination this Canada dream can be achieved.


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