This is an absolutely relatable post for immigrants within the first few months. It can sometimes feel like a lonesome journey. If you have a support system, embrace it!

Mirkas the Writer

Image by Dewald Van Rensburg from Pixabay

Today my parents told me they were going to the hometown to stay there for two weeks. I immediately got the blues while remembering just how much I miss that place, the house we have, the sea, and the incredible balcony with the view of the mountains looming above the bay. Then I imagined my grandmother who still lives there all alone, but happy and in perfect control of the surroundings. Never does she complain of the old age and the ailments which follow it like a shadow because she is independent, strong, she knows how to work, how to be helpful, and how to be the pillar of the family. This is something I always looked up to and the resilience she and my parents show is something to be cherished and appreciated.

Yes, my hometown breathes the memories and spits them…

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