Immigrant bullying

Bullying has become a menace in our society and statistics show that immigrant (minority) children are often at the receiving end of bullying. Here is a curated list of resources on bullying ranging from information on how to prevent bullying to support for bullying victims.

Switching careers in Canada

Many Canadian immigrants have had to switch careers for many reasons, whether temporarily or permanently. While some do this by choice, others transition out of necessity. In this post, I share the experiences of three immigrants in their career transitioning journey and the key learnings from these experiences to motivate other immigrants who are currently on this journey. Cheers to growth!

How to score with credit

Credit, credit history, credit score and credit report are often new realities that immigrants have to deal with in Canada. How can you thrive with your credit as a new immigrant in Canada despite your lack of Canadian credit history? This article can help you avoid making some of the mistakes I made as a new immigrant.