Job search in Canada

Job search in Canada can be arduous especially for new immigrants who are still trying to settle down. In this post I share some of the steps that helped me get my dream job 3 months after landing and also a tip sheet I believe everyone currently job hunting will find helpful.

How to score with credit

Credit, credit history, credit score and credit report are often new realities that immigrants have to deal with in Canada. How can you thrive with your credit as a new immigrant in Canada despite your lack of Canadian credit history? This article can help you avoid making some of the mistakes I made as a new immigrant.

Where should I live in Canada?

Where should I live in Canada? This is a question often asked by prospective immigrants. While this is a personal decision, here are some key questions to ask yourself to help you make a decision.

First things first

What are the first things you need to do in Canada as a new immigrant? Here, I share my experience and the lessons i learnt, as well as helpful resources to make your settlement a lot faster and easier. Cheers to growth!

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